When you send your staff to a CBRE worksite, you want to ensure that all requirements are met.  This to avoid unnecessary stops. This tool makes it easy to check the requirements asked by CBRE and compares these with the competences of your staff.

– You will be automatically notified, in advance, when certificates are going to expire.

– You will know which safety certificates are required

– You can use this as your training matrix.



Whenever there is a situation where your employee needs to do work at a CBRE site and his or her safety certificates meets the demands the representation of the database seen on our phone or computer will give a “green light”. Whenever the employee needs a safety demand (for instance a safety video) that can be done on the spot it will give us an “orange light”, whenever safety demands are not met it will give a “red light” leaving you in full controll of the safety demands and your training matrix.

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